Conductors Second Bundle

Matheus Moraes
Matheus Moraes
December 2, 2021

The development and engagement of our community is becoming increasingly evident with the guidance and support of our Conductors. Ten channels have been initiated, meetings, translations and new efforts are emerging to create deeper links between t3rners.

In this article we will talk about the main structure and new program updates. If you are confident that you are keen to be a part of the project, jump right into the Application Here.

Our values and goals

t3rn unlocks the potential of people, not just in smart contracts, or blockchain, but by empowering the entire industry and engaging developers, projects and members.

Innovation and simplicity go hand in hand with the program structure, demonstrating that only members who can truly develop interoperability with us have joined the program and will join it.

The levels and challenges

Our program continues to evolve to attract more people who are excited to grow t3rn. We also have a strong sense of ownership, leadership and engagement from our ambassadors, which is why we are launching two levels of Conductors. Key responsibilities include the following:

  • Present t3rn to new communities
  • Translate content
  • Organize meetups
  • Manage channels and communities
  • Write, design and create content
  • Organize regional strategies (Prime Conductors)
  • Guide and manage regional Conductors (Prime Conductors)


For those who are active members of many blockchain projects and usually part of more than one ambassador program. Pioneers may be at various levels of knowledge related to Polkadot and t3rn. Their personal improvement and background will be developed with the Conductors and alongside the team.


These Conductors have t3rn as a priority, truly understanding what the project will bring to blockchain. In addition to the overall duties, Primes are closer to the team, acting with more experience and leadership throughout the Conductors program.

A growth opportunity

Interactions between the team and other Conductors is one of the biggest values we see from this program, multiple bonds are starting to flourish between nations and backgrounds. We will be sharing data, content, unique updates and internal developments with everyone, keeping the doors open to 1on1s, questions and creative insights.

Our program offers the following benefits:

Activity sensor

Members may vary their activity levels, everyone will grow the community as they can, but it is very important to understand the minimum input required.

Conductors who stay inactive for a month in all channels will receive an inactivity alert, and from there they will be encouraged to exit the program. The activity sensor may also benefit members presenting those who distinguish themselves with dedication.

Application process

  1. Submission of the application (not needed if already submitted before)
  2. The team will review applications by skills, location and values
  3. Initial group interviews will begin with key ambassadors
  4. Announcement of the new bundle
  5. Onboarding and finally launch of the second bundle

If you are looking for a family that is here for technology and truly develops the ecosystem, you are in the right place. Apply now and create new chapters of the blockchain world with t3rn! 

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