Brand assets

Below are the brand assets and brand guidelines of t3rn.
Please contact our team for any further information, questions or requests related to t3rn.

The name

We are building the 'turning' point to an interoperable future for
web 3.0, while our initial development was made possible by the Web3 Foundation, hence the '3' in our name.

The "t" is not capitalized to emphasise the number, which is unanimously done throughout our logo, copy, media and any other appearances of the brand.

What about fonts?

Beausite Classic Bold for headers

Beausite Classic for additional information, such as this underlining, with fonts presented in white, black and coloured gradients.

Style pillars




Our Voice and Tone

Our voice is human, and we strive to pass on information in a clear manner. The tone is quite formal, for developers and partners, but with a bit of fun and energy, to interact with the community.

Humanization must be genuine, with a professional representation of our values. Using photos and human activities on writing is an excellent way to proceed, like saying "watch the video", instead of "access it".

Color Pallete

The colors represent parts of the ecosystem, and as a base, black and white (focus on white) primarily use as a pigment, to contrast with the mix of colors. You can blend the gradients of the pallete to create a stunning background or effect.


Royal Lilac






Cobalt Blue


Midnight Moss




Gradients are the purest representation of how we intend to blend and connect multiple projects, communities and values. Gradients might be used to create a background, texture or even enhance a specific information.

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