October t3rn Update

October Triumphs: Kusama Parachain Success, DeFi Innovations, and Global Expansion Highlights

Matheus Moraes
November 7, 2023

Eager to get a quick rundown of t3rn's October highlights within 3 minutes? You've come to the right spot. We're delighted to present the strides and accomplishments made by our team throughout October, characterized by notable progress.

Successful Kusama Parachain Auction

We are proud to announce that t3rn has secured a position in Kusama Parachain Auction #109. Our journey from Rococo testing to launching on Polkadot signifies our dedication to simplifying cross-chain transactions.

Why is it important to get a Kusama Parachain?

Having a Kusama parachain offers a cost-effective playground for testing features with faster block times before deploying on Polkadot. By leveraging Kusama's engaged community, our project gains valuable feedback and increased visibility.

The integration of Asset Hub assets on both Kusama & Polkadot networks is a significant stride in broadening the horizon for asset interoperability, marking a new chapter in our cross-chain narrative.

Snorkel: Revolutionizing DeFi Oracle Systems

Addressing the inherent limitations of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, t3rn introduced Snorkel at Polkadot Decoded this year. This trustless oracle solution is dedicated to delivering accurate price data and optimizing transaction costs. Snorkel aims to simplify complexities, ensuring a secure and thorough approach.

Read the Snorkel Blog post here.

Snorkel: A New Vision for DeFi Oracle Systems

Refined Executor Documentation

Our technical documentation is being meticulously refined, emphasizing its role as a reliable guide for those interested in becoming Executors in the t3rn ecosystem. These vital contributors execute cross-chain transactions and are instrumental in our network's growth, with opportunities to join us on the horizon.

A Glimpse into the Future UI

For those keen on user experience, we're excited to share a sneak peek of our innovative UI. This preview, courtesy of Victor, our frontend developer, offers a glimpse into the functionality and design that will soon streamline your cross-chain transactions.

A sneak peek of our innovative UI

As part of this rollout, we're inviting community members to participate in early testing. If you're interested, reach out to @thematheusm on Telegram—but hurry, as we're limiting this to a select few to maintain exclusivity and focus.

Expanding LATAM

Our LATAM Conductors have been diligently working on translating content into Portuguese, ensuring that our updates and information are accessible to a broader audience. Here are the top blogs that you might have missed:

Cross-Chain DeFi Explicado: O Guia Completo de 2023

Snorkel: Uma Nova Visão para Sistemas de Oráculo DeFi.

Apresentando o Snorkel

Por que Você Deve Parar de Ignorar as Soluções de 2º Camada

Team and Planning

Our team is spread across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and beyond. We met everyone in Morocco; it was great for bonding and planning challenging steps for the protocol. Workshops and long working sessions were conducted with the marketing, development, and operations teams.

Team t3rn at Marrakesh

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