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Superior swapping for users,
powerful modularity for builders

Collectively shaping the interoperability future with world class infrastructure & investors


t3rn offers fast, secure, and cost-efficient swapping, optimizing cross-chain executions by leveraging the modular layers of the t3rn stack for storage, validation, settlement and consensus.


Superior swapping for power users

Effortlessly send different crypto assets across multiple blockchain ecosystems through a single user interface.

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Attractive opportunities for infrastructure providers

Become an Executor and generate income by processing cross-chain transactions on behalf of users.

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Powerful modularity for developers

Experience the flexibility and ease of integration with the modular layers of the t3rn stack for storage, validation, settlement and consensus.

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Interoperability for platforms

t3rn intelligently supports the interoperable systems that the multichain future will be built on by working intellligently with any cross-chain transaction.

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Reversibility for users

t3rn smart contract hubs have built-in fail safes that reverse failed transactions to their last secure point, ensuring that funds arent't lost.

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Composability for developers

Open-source code depolyed with full on-chain provenance, allowing original authors to get paid every time their code executes.

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Use Cases

Interoperable Assets

Assets shouldn’t be limited to one blockchain. They should be able to transfer freely across ecosystems. That's what t3rn’s modular interoperability protocol allows.

Trustless Verification

Leveraging light clients and Rangers, t3rn ensures robust security and trustless verification through ongoing surveillance of interconnected blockchains.

Cross-chain Standards

Polkadot, Celestia, and EVM accessible through
a unified API. t3rn minimizes the gap between different blockchains and acts as the main standard
for cross-chain transactions.