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Building the next chapter of blockchain technology isn't easy, but with our dedicated team the future is looking bright.

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t3rn has been created to offer a fresh approach to the problem of blockchain interoperability – the ability for blockchains to communicate and interact with one another.

t3rn offers fast, secure and cost-efficient bridging, optimizing cross-chain executions by leveraging the modular layers of the t3rn stack for storage, validation, settlement and consensus.

t3rn is the modular interoperability layer, with superior swapping for users and powerful modularity for builders.

Our fully-remote international team continues to grow, learn, collaborate and innovate – check out our open roles and become a t3rner!

Maciej Baj

Founder & CTO

Since 2016, Maciej has been dedicating his full-time efforts towards blockchain interoperability, expertly steering complex projects, supervising high-performance teams, and deciphering market trends. Initially a developer at Lisk, he worked on Lisk Core before advancing to Project Lead and Head of Development. With a Master's in Computer Science, his thesis focused on AI-based stylometric analysis and machine learning. Presently, he is the Founder and CTO of t3rn - the efficient solution for trust-free and seamless interoperable smart contracts.


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The future of t3rn

Maciej BAJ, CTO & Founder

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