Your invitation to join the new Conductors program ⚡

Matheus Moraes
December 6, 2022

t3rn is a project that is all about community. We are building a strong and supportive group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about trustless technology and its potential to change the world.

That's where our Conductors come in. Conductors are the official ambassadors of t3rn and they play a vital role in growing our community and ensuring that it remains healthy and thriving. 

Conductors take care of new members, create content and educate new t3rners. Below, we will explain what we have learned so far, how we are improving our Conductors program and the steps to take to apply. If you have read this blog, please do not hesitate to apply to the Conductors Program here.

Your challenges

Conductors spread awareness about t3rn to new audiences and promote t3rn's values of collaboration and openness. We are developing great local communities, rapidly growing in Spain, France, Turkey, Thailand, Russia and many others, all thanks to the t3rn conductors. They make this possible in the following ways:

  • Sharing t3rn values and content on social media
  • Managing local channels on Discord and Telegram
  • Organizing events with the t3rn team
  • Translating t3rn content
  • Writing original blogs and content 
  • Designing infographics and videos
  • Being meme lords 

What we learned so far

The Conductors program is constantly evolving and the team is constantly refining and learning about how to make the program as effective and valuable as possible. From the last program we learned that communities need more independence and Conductors leadership in order to be successful, while placing a stronger emphasis on education.

t3rn is committed to improving in all of these areas in order to better support our community. We are excited to see what the future holds for our community and look forward to continued growth and success together.


It is important that our program has rankings that match our ambassadors' levels of knowledge, experience and leadership. When you join, you start out as an Explorer, but you can develop into a great Pioneer, our top leaders.

Pioneer | The main leaders in our local community, responsible for generating strategies, activities and most importantly, supporting other Conductors in their local regions., while offering well-rounded knowledge about the Polkadot ecosystem. 

Mentor | Mentors must have a great understanding of the program and project. We can have several Mentors per local region, each with their offering specific competencies; content creators, meme lords, chat managers, translators are just a handful of examples of Mentors skills.

Explorer | In this level, Conductors enroll in a seasonal program for three months, full of masterclasses and development phases. Ultimately, the best could become Mentors, and remain with our team for long periods of time, with more responsibility and independence.

New Seasons

At t3rn, we have observed that Conductors prefer to remain in programs and projects like ours for a specific amount of time. They may launch their own project and focus their time there, join other projects in full-time capacities or simply for personal reasons.

That’s why we have decided to design our Conductors program in seasons, each lasting for three months. Each season, we will focus on new topics, with specific goals, and with unique masterclasses that are related to t3rn's milestones.

For each season, we will celebrate our time with Conductors and start the selection of new ones. This way, we can ensure that more Conductors are always focused and excited about what we are building together.

Conductor success stories

Noah | Commenced as a German Conductor, educating and interacting with the local community. With his experience in development, Noah quickly began working closely with the t3rn development team. Today, Noah works full-time as part of team t3rn.

Maria | An active part of the Russian community, she leads and assists new Russian members. Maria always provides positivity and technical knowledge to the t3rn community in Russia.

Omar | A leader in community development, Omar has a great deal of experience in the Dotsama ecosystem. With his assistance, the Spanish community increased by 5x. We look forward to supporting him with the local interactions and needs of the Spanish-speaking community.


We are designing a series of new rewards for members of the Conductors program:

  • Seasonal NFTs – a new and unique NFT for every season
  • Early access to t3rn programs and campaigns
  • Masterclasses: access to seasonal classes with team t3rn
  • Sneak Peek: A weekly exclusive review of what’s going on inside t3rn
  • Access to t3rn events: join any t3rn event or co-hosted event with guaranteed tickets, anywhere in the world
  • MVCs (Most Valuable Conductors): our monthly rewards program for the best contributions in the season (e.g. in leadership, events, social media, etc)
  • Swag kit: t3rn swag for the best Conductors

Steps to join

t3rn is excited to announce this new phase of the Conductors program, and we would love to welcome you on board. If you are passionate about t3rn and want to help us spread the word, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

These are the next steps:

1. Apply to the Conductors Program via Typeform
2. Team t3rn will review the applications
3. The best applications will be invited to a virtual interview
4. You’re in! 🎉

Click down below to start your application process:

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