Galxe: t3rn Pre-Launch Campaign

Jossif Elefteriadis
April 5, 2024

Hello, t3rn Community!

We are thrilled to welcome you back to another t3rn Campaign, which is brought to you in collaboration with Galxe to celebrate an important stage of our roadmap, our protocol security audits!

For this campaign, the prizes include Galxe points, an On-Chain Achievement Token (OAT), and a prize pool of $2000 in USDT, which will be shared by 40 lucky winners. Make sure you claim your points and OAT to join the raffle for the USDT.

What are t3rn’s Community Campaign?

Each month we will launch a new campaign. The goal of these campaigns is to reward our community members for their contributions to the t3rn ecosystem. Your contribution through these campaigns is essential and we want to make sure you are rewarded for it.

The campaigns represent its own theme each month, starting with community onboarding, and will grow and lead up to events like our mainnet (coming soon) and token launch which you could benefit as an early contributor.

Our second campaign starts from April 5th and continues until May 5th, 2024. For all of our campaigns, we are collaborating with Galxe to offer an engaging experience for you.

Diving into t3rn Pre-Launch Campaign

There are 4 tasks waiting for you on Galxe—each one is your ticket up the leaderboard and a step closer to some awesome rewards. You can find them and start climbing the leaderboard here.

In order to participate in this campaign you need to pass the requirement of Galxe’s Web3Score - which is their humanity check.

  1. Follow t3rn on Twitter
  2. Quote the Tweet and tag 3 friends
  3. Watch our YouTube video about t3rn's security audits
  4. Quiz: t3rn's Audits

Get ready for a series of engaging campaigns in the upcoming weeks and months, designed to deepen your understanding of Web3's core values. You can expect various rewards, new opportunities for exploration, and launches that reward early adopters.

Are you ready to start with the challenge?

🔗 t3rn Pre-Launch Campaign on Galxe

About t3rn

t3rn has been created to offer a fresh approach to the problem of blockchain interoperability – the ability for blockchains to communicate and interact with one another. t3rn offers fast, secure and cost-efficient swapping, optimizing cross-chain executions by leveraging the modular layers of the t3rn stack for storage, validation, settlement and consensus.

t3rn is the modular interoperability layer, offering superior swapping for users and powerful modularity for builders.

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