t3rn is live on Rococo

Maciej Baj
June 16, 2022

After months of development our team launched t3rn’s Rococo Parachain, t0rn. With this new phase, so many key details of t3rn will be validated, which will be reaffirmed in this blog post.


What is Rococo?

Rococo was created and designed strictly for testing parachains functionalities. Parity also intends for Rococo to be a testbed for developing the XCM format, which will be improved with the support from the community of parachain builders.

Our goals

We are now primarily focused on testing out the features needed to trustlessly integrate with all Polkadot-like blockchains. For each Polkadot-like relay chain dedicated component of t3rn’s Circuit, namely Multi Finality Verifier collects the GRANDPA finality proofs that to furtherly decrease the amount of calls are grouped into ranges. To collect the finality proofs from the Polkadot-like relay chain we developed the off-chain component called Grandpa Ranger.

Each of the Parachains of the Relay chain that have already been registered to Circuit must be currently manually registered as an active Gateway, so that t3rn can get the information about its genesis configuration like permitted side effects, value and block types, number of decimals etc.

Side effects

Side effects submitted to Circuit for execution are executed by the second off-chain binary - executors. Executors collect the side effects that Circuit emits and after performing the risk-reward calculation, they can volunteer for Optimistic execution by bonding the insurance. Bonding is atomic per each side effect - multiple side effects coming as part of one cross-chain transaction (Xtx) can be optimistically executed by multiple executors, so that not every executor is required to support all of the foreign currencies that come as part of the Xtx. 


We envision the future development of executors to be an effort driven by individuals who integrate their executors with their intrinsic resources or API access providing best current exchange rates, therefore being competitive in the open market of executors for t3rn cross-chain side effects. The initial implementation of executors is compatible with all active Parachains of Rococo, allows to send the calls and transfers to selected gateway target and collects the execution from the remote targets for the Circuit to confirm, account the rewards and enact on optimistic insurance bond, that goes back to executioner assuming the execution was correct. 

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