t3rn Conductors Program

Matheus Moraes
September 15, 2021

Inspired by real conductors (a material or device that transmits heat, electricity, or sound), the t3rn Conductors Program will empower the most engaged members of the t3rn community to spread knowledge and awareness about the t3rn project. This initiative will play a key role in growing a strong grassroots community in multiple locations around the world, while rewarding the most active members with exclusive access to the t3rn project.

Introducing the t3rn ambassador program

At t3rn, we believe that a new model of open-source development and interoperability can only be achieved by everyone truly understanding why these developments are so important, as well as grasping the fundamental technology that we are building that makes them possible.

Our values have already reached an incredibly diverse audience around the world and we aim to empower these individuals to help spread the t3rn mission, by supporting them in any ways that we can.

Below we cover the values and benefits of the t3rn Conductors Program, but if you are completely sure of your application, feel free to skip and Apply Here.

About you

This program is for those who are truly in this space for the technology, those who understand our unique solution, but are eager to learn more. 

From translators and community managers to QA testers and developers, our Conductors Program is open to all sorts of proficiencies, which allows for a unique blend of fresh curiosity from new enthusiasts and well honed expertise.

A growth opportunity

t3rn values diversity with all backgrounds, time zones, lifestyles and regions welcome to join the program. 

Conductors will be able to learn a lot through interactions with the team and other ambassadors, experiencing the inner workings of a blockchain project, going through the solutions, launching and maintenance.
The program has the following key benefits:

We will always organize with the personal schedules of ambassadors in mind, but for the most part we will optionally offer:

  • Monthly Happy Hours, armchair discussions around blockchain
  • One on one meetings with the Community team as required
  • t3rn insider meetings/presentations for exclusive information
  • Trainings on a platform, personal development or a trend

The process

Submitting an application will be the first step in which our team can validate skills, experience and motivations. 

Following the application, we will examine locations and languages, understanding the number of contacts in each region. The team will interview key registrants, and finally confirm the final Conductors on our social media and website.

If you are looking for growth and growth opportunities with a team that is here for the technology, you have found the right place. 

Apply to be a Conductor, develop interoperability and inspire people with t3rn.

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