2023: A Year of Innovation and Growth at t3rn

2023: A Year of Innovation and Growth at t3rn

Adrià García
December 28, 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, it's a fitting time to reflect on the significant strides t3rn has made this year. Our journey, marked by notable achievements and collaborations, has been a series of stepping stones towards a more inclusive, decentralized, and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem. Each milestone has contributed to our mission of enhancing blockchain interoperability and smart contract functionality. Here's a look back at some of the key milestones we've achieved this year.

t3rn 2023 recap

Strategic Expansion with Polkadot Parachain Acquisition

A pivotal moment for us was the acquisition of a Polkadot parachain in March, marking a significant expansion in our capabilities and reinforcing our position in the blockchain ecosystem. This acquisition, a precursor to our full product MVP on Substrate-based chains, the development of an Ethereum light client, and the TRN token launch, has been pivotal for our project. The parachain launch on Polkadot enabled us to refine our platform in a live environment, allowing users to create multichain smart contracts and earn rewards. This step is crucial in realizing our vision of a trust-free, interoperable ecosystem for smart contracts.

Polkadot Parachain

Collaboration with Subsquid: Enhancing Blockchain Data Access

Our collaboration with Subsquid, detailed in our joint announcement, was a significant step in improving blockchain data access for smart contract developers, reflecting our commitment to enhancing the blockchain development experience.Dmitry Zhelezov, CEO of Subsquid, shared his perspective on the partnership, stating, “t3rn provides tools for developers to build smart contracts, which, as a result, create on-chain data traces across multiple EVM and Substrate-based chains. Subsquid enables developers to access this data very quickly and easily. By combining t3rn's cross-chain development tools and Subsquid's indexing capabilities, this partnership will enable Web3 developers to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.” This collaboration represents a synergistic effort to streamline and optimize the development process in the Web3 space.

Subsquid partnership

Revamping Our Newsletter: Introducing 'Multichain Matters'

Starting in April, this year, we revamped our newsletter, transitioning from 'Glance' to 'Multichain Matters'. Written by our Founder and CTO Maciej Baj, this newsletter now offers a more in-depth look into our engineering progress, particularly focusing on developments since the acquisition of the Polkadot Parachain, providing our community with regular updates and deeper insights into the inner workings of the t3rn protocol.

Introducing 'Multichain Matters'

Multichain Matters has seen remarkable growth since its revamp. We've proudly published 9 editions, consolidating a community of over 15,000 subscribers and counting. Our referral program has also seen a significant uptick. We have 13 newsletter Ambassadors that brought a total of 187 new subscribers and growing. We encourage you to join this expanding community and invite your friends to enjoy some cool rewards.

Ambassadors of Multichain Matters

Global Conference Participation and Showcasing Vision

We actively participated in various global conferences, including ETH Denver, Polkadot Decoded, ETHCC Paris, ETHWarsaw 2023, and sub0 Europe 2023. These events were crucial for sharing our vision and connecting with the community.

At ETH Denver, The Kusamarian conducted an in-depth interview with CTO Maciej Baj and CSO Jacob Kowalewski, where they discussed a range of topics including XBI, the future of Ethereum, developments in DeFi, developer incentives, and advancements in user interfaces, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.Building on these discussions, our year also featured a notable Hackernoon interview with Maciej Baj and Jacob Kowalewski. Here, they delved deeper into the realms of multichain and interoperability, a testament to our commitment to trustless, multi-chain execution. This interview highlighted t3rn's pivotal role in fostering composable collaboration, further underscoring the themes of innovation and connectivity that have been central to our participation in global conferences.

The Kusamarian interviews t3rn leaders

Ambassador Program

Selecting ambassadors from an impressive pool of 4,000 applicants was a challenging but rewarding task. This process led to a surge in translated content on platforms like Medium and X. We've seen growth in various countries during February and June, including Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, France and others. For instance, our Brazilian ambassador Panegali, translated over 9 key documents that made t3rn more accessible for our Portuguese-speaking community.

User Interface Internal Tests

Since February, our UI has seen significant enhancements. New features include a more organized bidding system, a comprehensive transactions page, and integration with wallets like Metamask and Polkadot.js. These improvements, along with a more user-friendly design and faster bug fixes, have greatly enhanced the user experience.

User Interface Internal Tests

Community Engagement and Growth

The first half of the year was marked by active community engagement through various events during March and April. Highlights include t3rn Campfire, our community calls on Gather, t3rn Direct for AMA sessions, and t3rn Compiled, showcasing monthly achievements. These events played a key role in supporting our parachain acquisition phase.

The first half of the year was marked by active community engagement through various events during March and April. Highlights include t3rn Campfire, our community calls on Gather, t3rn Direct for AMA sessions, and t3rn Compiled, showcasing monthly achievements. These events played a key role in supporting our parachain acquisition phase.

Discord Transition and Enhancement

In February, we shifted our focus from Telegram to Discord to better facilitate technical discussions. This move led to the introduction of unique stickers, enhanced onboarding and security measures, more diverse international and technical channels, and improved response times.

Discord is now our community house, where we run polls, events, issues, and unique channels for Collators, Ambassadors, team members and the community. With the Discord roles and exclusive features, we plan to keep all the main discussions there.

Leveraging YouTube Shorts for Marketing and Education

YouTube Shorts are a fresh approach to presenting t3rn to a new audience. Our team has produced engaging Shorts that have attracted thousands of views. These concise videos provide a balance to our more technical content and have been effective in communicating complex topics in a relatable way.

t3rn Parachain Victory

Securing a Kusama Parachain

Finally, securing a Kusama parachain in October, has been a pivotal strategic move, providing us with a cost-effective platform for testing new features with faster block times. This step not only garners valuable feedback from Kusama's active community but also enhances our project's visibility and development.

Kusama Parachain

Looking Ahead: The 2024 Roadmap

After years of hard work the time for launching the long awaited t3rn protocol has finally arrived.

The phased rollout of the protocol will begin in Q1 2024, with primary security audits currently underway (Halborn) with two more starting in January (Quantstamp and SR Labs). Furthermore, t3rn protocol has successfully onboarded several high profile infrastructure providers and will continue to do so in the build up to the launch. 

The rollout will commence with EVM bridging before introducing various unique features of the t3rn, including our unique leveraging of light clients, a Kusama incentivization layer, the t3rn parachain and ultimately the native TRN token. 2024 promises to be a very exciting year for t3rn.

In conclusion, we extend our deepest gratitude to our community, partners, and team members for their unwavering support and contributions to our journey this year. Here's to a future brimming with breakthroughs and advancements in the blockchain space!

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