t3rn and substrate partnership

t3rn & Subsquid unite: Enhancing Blockchain Data Access for Smart Contract Developers

Gino Winnefeld
March 29, 2023

We are happy to announce that t3rn will be integrating Subsquid into the t3rn protocol. In this blog post we would like to explain the benefits of the partnership for both projects and ultimately for our users. 

Before that, let’s quickly go over what is t3rn and Subsquid. 

What is t3rn?

t3rn is a hosting platform for smart contracts that enables secure multichain execution. Developers can upload their smart contracts in Solidity, !ink or any languages compiling to WASM, since t3rn supports both WASM and EVM, while the t3rn protocol facilitates execution across a variety of different blockchains.

The t3rn protocol also has the ability to store smart contracts in the open-source smart contracts registry and make them available for everyone, so other developers can instantiate these contracts in their contracts and collaborate with them.

Creators of contracts will get a share of the gas fee for the use of the contract, meaning they will be remunerated each time it executes or somebody uses it.

More information about how t3rn functions can be found in Why is t3rn so unique?

What is Subsquid?

Subsquid is the team behind the squid SDK, an open-source framework that enables Web3 builders to create scalable and performant custom indexers which extract, transform, and present blockchain data as GraphQL APIs or in virtually any other format. Squids can be hosted for free using Subsquid’s hosted service, the Aquarium, and receive pre-indexed data from what will soon be a decentralized network of Archives.

t3rn & Subsquid 

The integration of Subsquid’s technology into t3rn will bring a variety of benefits; as Subsquid provides access to on-chain data, it will offer a way to seamlessly gather and analyze relevant data, in real time, on the t3rn network, as well as on our testnet, t0rn. By integrating Subsquid, t3rn will be able to offer more comprehensive data analysis and processing capabilities, which will greatly serve both the developers and businesses utilizing the protocol.

Of course, these are just a few possibilities, it is possible that Subsquid could also bring other, equally valuable, new capabilities to t3rn. By integrating Subsquid into the t3rn platform, t3rn and its users could benefit in the following ways:

  1. Improved Data Accessibility: Subsquid archives blockchain network data and provides an SDK for building custom GraphQL endpoints, making it easier for t3rn to access and process on-chain data. This will help t3rn to provide more comprehensive and accurate information to its users, improving their experience and allowing them to make better-informed decisions.

  1. Increased Data Analysis Capabilities: With the ability to process complex archived on-chain data, t3rn will offer users more advanced data analysis capabilities. This could help to better understand the behaviour of different smart contracts and make more informed decisions about execution and deployment.

  1. Improved User Experience: Improved User Experience: By offering a more comprehensive view of blockchain network data, t3rn will provide its users with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for exploring and analyzing smart contract data. Another factor contributing to this enhanced experience is that indexing, particularly with Subsquid, reduces latency, ensuring faster and more efficient access to relevant information.

Below is an example of how t3rn will display the Network Analytics page within our sleek and user-friendly UI. 

⚠️ Disclaimer: Please note that the data shown in the images is only for illustrative purposes.

Here we can explore data related to multichain activity, such as total transfers, total asset transfers, total transfers token volume, connected chains and data related to side-effects, such as the distribution of the total side-effects or value of those side effects. 

In the following example of the stats page, users can see the latest blocks and transactions, similar to other well known blockchain explorers. 

Integrating Subsquid into the t3rn platform will help to enhance overall user experience, improve the accessibility and analysis of on-chain data, and ultimately lead to better insights into what is happening on-chain.

The team at Subsquid is working on better tooling for developers inside and outside of Polkadot to improve the reputation of Polkadot and Substrate. Archives were deployed for t0rn, t3rn’s testnet and then on t3rn the Parachain. Additionally, the Squid SDK is available to developers and data analysts who require data from smart contracts created using t3rn. By offering powerful tools to developers and data analysts, the team is working to grow and improve the Polkadot ecosystem.

This is what Dmitry Zhelezov, the CEO of Subsquid had to say about the partnership:

“t3rn provides tools for developers to build smart contracts, which, as a result, create on-chain data traces across multiple EVM and Substrate-based chains. Subsquid enables developers to access this data very quickly and easily. By combining t3rn's cross-chain development tools and Subsquid's indexing capabilities, this partnership will enable Web3 developers to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.”

Dmitry Zhelezov, CEO of Subsquid


The integration of Subsquid into t3rn will provide improved data accessibility, increased data analysis capabilities, and a better user experience for t3rn users. By leveraging Subsquid's technology, t3rn aims to attract more developers and businesses to its platform, and ultimately achieve its goals of becoming a leading hosting platform for multichain smart contracts.

To stay tuned on further updates follow Subsquid and t3rn on Twitter. 

If you have any questions or suggestions and want to connect with our team, join the conversation in Discord

We would like to thank Subsquid for their collaboration creating this blog post and we look forward to continuing to work together.

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