Meet the team 3.0

Matheus Moraes
March 8, 2022

The first quarter of 2022 saw the t3rn team expanding, with crucial hires made across development and operations. 

Noah Schwarz - Software Engineer

Noah hails from one of the blockchain capitals of Europe, Berlin. He is an enthusiastic open-source developer dedicated to decentralization.  Noah is a success story of the t3rn Conductors Program, starting as an ambassador for the project  growing the German community and supporting the development team, before making the decision to join the team full-time. With vast corporate experience in the mobility and fintech sectors, Noah will be an indispensable asset in pushing the t3rn project forward.

Victor Aremu - Front-end Developer

Victor is a front-end engineer with five years of experience crafting delightful experiences and products on the web. His expertise includes JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Node.js. He developed a plugin that adds dither effects to images in Figma and has over 85,000 installs on the Figma plugin store and as a game developer, assisted in prototyping a 2D adventure role-playing mobile game with Unity 5. According to him, blockchain does not present a great experience for average users, his aim is to simplify their experience, starting with t3rn.

Lourdes Tandayag - HR Manager

Equipped with empathy mixed with a go-getter and fearless attitude, Lourdes, popularly known as LuLu, has been a key driver for the past several years to the business growth and positive industry reputation in globally respected and leading corporations within the HR Management industry. She has expertise in 11 different employment laws on 3 different continents. LuLu is passionate about people and her aim is to build a strong legal and ethical foundation of people operations and culture within t3rn, focusing on legal compliances, employee experience, and the long-term health of t3rn and its people, while dramatically expanding our hiring efforts.

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