t3rn Takes Part in CoinList Seed 2022

Jacob Kowalewski
March 4, 2022

CoinList Seed was launched in 2020 as a platform for beginning-of-growth entrepreneurs to connect to the global CoinList community. Since the launch of CoinList Seed, the program has welcomed more than 50 blockchain projects into the program with some of the foremost projects in the space counting themselves amongst program alumni.

The program has grown tremendously since 2020, with over 1,000 projects applying for last week’s Winter 2022 batch, compared to just 80 applicants from the first cohort. Participants have benefited from a broad exposure to the CoinList community of over 4 million KYC-verified users, collaborations with other CoinList Seed companies, and lots of attention from crypto media.

About CoinList

CoinList is one of the most prestigious exchanges in blockchain, having given rise to some of the best known projects in the space, including Solana, Near Protocol, Mina and countless others. The platform is well known for high standards and levels of security, securing funds through reputable custodians and with the vast majority of funds being stored offline. The exchange also offers great ​​compliance with anti-money laundering laws in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The platform from San Francisco has always targeted quality, with top notch listings, outstanding user experience, funding programs and services, such as staking, borrowing, conversions and trading.

CoinList is known for dealing only with projects that will present explosive growth after launching and listing, an effect named by the community as the “CoinList effect”.

About t3rn

t3rn is a hosting platform for smart contracts that makes execution across multiple, independent blockchains possible.

t3rn was created to enable trust-free collaboration within the Polkadot ecosystem and harness this synergy to mold an ecosystem in which any developer who would like to deploy a blockchain agnostic smart contract can do so easily. t3rn aims to ultimately operate as a Polkadot parachain to ensure unparalleled security and stability throughout the t3rn product.

The t3rn offering places a strong emphasis on remunerating the developers within blockchain ecosystems by allowing them to make their smart contracts available to all t3rn users and be rewarded every time their smart contract is executed.

A full explanation of all how t3rn functions to achieve the outcomes mentioned above can be found in the t3rn Whitepaper and Lightpaper.

Join us

If you meet us through the CoinList announcement, we welcome you into our community. At the moment, we are developing the product and focusing on delivering a top tier solution. Interact with other members in our Discord and Telegram.

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