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Galxe: t3rn Kickstart Challenge

Jossif Elefteriadis
March 12, 2024

Hello, t3rn Community!

We are thrilled to welcome you to t3rn’s Community Challenges. First one out is t3rn Kickstart Challenge, a strong initiative to get your first steps into the t3rnverse.

What are t3rn’s Community Challenges?

Each month we will launch a new challenge. The goal of these challenges is to reward our community members for their contributions to the t3rn ecosystem. Your contribution through these challenges is essential and we want to make sure you are rewarded for it.

The challenges represent its own theme each month, starting with community onboarding, and will grow and lead up to events like our mainnet (coming soon) and token launch which you could benefit as an early contributor.

Our first challenge is from March 12th until March 31st, 2024. For all of our challenges, we are collaborating with Galxe to offer an engaging experience for you.

Diving into t3rn Kickstart Challenge

There are 7 quests waiting for you on Galxe—each one is your ticket up the leaderboard and a step closer to some awesome rewards. You can find them and start climbing the leaderboard here:

  1. Visit the t3rn website
  2. Follow t3rn on Twitter
  3. Like the Tweet
  4. Retweet the Tweet
  5. Join t3rn Discord Server and get the Memb3r role
  6. Join the t3rn official Telegram
  7. Subscribe to Multichain Matters Newsletter
  8. Quiz: Intro to t3rn

Get ready for a series of engaging challenges in the upcoming weeks and months, designed to deepen your understanding of Web3's core values. You can expect various rewards, new opportunities for exploration, and launches that reward early adopters.

Are you ready to start with the first challenge?

🔗 t3rn March Challenge on Galxe

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