The t3rn team is growing

June 4, 2021

We are thrilled to announce our first hires to team t3rn. 

We have hired in the marketing and development departments, bringing on two Software Engineers and a dedicated Community Growth Manager. t3rn will continue to hire across all departments and we are looking for talented individuals who share in the long term vision that t3rn is working to deliver, namely a future of interoperable blockchains. Please continue to  check our latest openings as they will be regularly updated based on how the t3rn project grows and evolves. 

Matheus Moraes – Community Growth Manager

Matheus brings experience in creatively communicating brands and growing communities. After graduating with a degree in design he has worked for the likes of the BBC, LEGO, and TEDx and has experience in marketing, strategy, events and project management. Matheus will be shaping the t3rn brand and growing the t3rn community in the coming months and years. 

Zannis Kalampoukis – Software Engineer

Zannis is vastly experienced in systems integration, scalable cloud architectures and authoring technical documents. Aftering graduating with a degree in software engineering, Zannis has worked in a spectrum of development roles, often leading teams. He also has experience in implementing critical softwares, including government issued softwares for the Greek military, making his skillset perfect for working on complex systems such as the t3rn protocol. 

Beqa Abuladze – Software Engineer

Beqa brings Rust and Substrate experience to the team, as well as prior experience working with blockchain startups. Beqa is also a competitive developer, participating in multiple hackathons as well as guest lecturing on the subjects of C++ development, data structure and algorithms, while also studying for a degree in economics. 

t3rn will continue hiring

This is only just the beginning of t3rns hiring efforts and we will continue to hire in all departments with a goal of building a small lean team of professionals who share in the t3rn vision for an interoperable blockchain future. 

If you are interested in building the future of smart contract interoperability, please check our latest openings

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