Meet the new team members

Matheus Moraes
October 25, 2021

t3rn is thrilled to announce the latest additions to the t3rn team, spanning development, marketing and operations; we have added a Head of Operations, a senior Software Engineer and a Developer Advocate to the team.

Remigio Bongulielmi – Head of Operations

Remi brings an unparalleled level of executive experience to the t3rn team, offering a breadth of knowledge across operations, management and strategy. Remi holds an MBA and has developed solutions with large corporations such as Nielsen, KPMG and Imerys. He also brings substantial experience within the blockchain industry, having held executive roles at Eden Block and He will play a pivotal role in implementing progressive workflow processes throughout the operation, as well as developing robust financial models and sound legal frameworks for t3rn.  

Vedhavyas Singareddi – Software Engineer

Developing exciting projects is the cornerstone of Ved's incredibly impressive background, spanning over a decade of experience as a developer. He genuinely believes in the power of decentralization, with this vision being clarified after working on the infrastructure of various P2P payment systems, in partnership with Google. Ved is an incredible addition to the team as he brings firsthand experience of  building multi-chain bridges, having worked for Semantics3 and Centrifuge.

Paul Etscheit – Developer Advocate

Paul will provide the ideal connection between development, content and community. The German developer has been involved in blockchain and decentralized projects since 2013, supporting the technology in developing atomic swaps and "ZoKrates", a zkSNARKs toolbox that integrates with Ethereum. Paul is concerned with scalability, which was the subject of his recently completed Bachelor's thesis, on the batching of Uniswap and zk-rollup trades.

t3rn continues to recruit, if you are excited about building a future of connected blockchains please check our latest vacancies here.

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