t3rn and Composable Finance Partnership

Jacob Kowalewski
November 18, 2021

t3rn is thrilled to announce the first showcase of our technology in action, in partnership with Composable Finance, the cross-chain DeFi platform.

The partnership will research connecting the t3rn Volatile Virtual Machine (VVM) to expand the utility of the Composable Finance cross-chain virtual machine (XCVM), expediting the computation of cross-chain smart contracts across various L1 and L2 networks, pushing the shared values of both projects, namely interoperability and composability. Both of these qualities are foundational pillars of Composable Finance and t3rn and, as such, a partnership between the projects was a natural fit.

This marks a major milestone for t3rn and is the first step in showcasing the technology that we are building.

About Composable Finance

Composable Finance is building the core infrastructure that will play a key role in empowering DeFi to deliver on its undeniable potential, offering an arsenal of tools that allow for the seamless interaction of L1 blockchains and L2 scaling solutions.

Composable’s XCVM provides an interface that enables developers to interact with different bridges, with a view to building a single access point, known as the Innovation Availability Layer (IAL), that supports cross-chain and cross-layer transactions. With this capability, an action such as borrowing an asset against collateral can be routed through an ecosystem-agnostic path, maximizing for users’ preferred outcomes and parameters. Composable Finance utilises a suite of unique tools to achieve their ambitious goals including the priorly mentioned composable XCVM, a routing layer, their parachain and Mosaic, a cross-layer liquidity solution.

Composable Finance will operate as a parachain, a chain that is connected to Polkadot’s relay chain and have recently launched their Picasso parachain on Kusama.

Goals of the partnership

t3rn and Composable Finance will support each other in their common goal to facilitate smart contracts operating across a multitude of blockchain platforms.

This is what Cosmin Grigore, the Founder & CEO of Composable Finance had to say about the partnership with t3rn.

“t3rn is an interoperable smart contracts platform. The fundamental technology they've created will change how we envision smart contracts interacting with chain runtimes.” 
Link to tweet

The core scope of the work will revolve around utilising the t3rn protocol to enable cross-chain executions in a fail-safe manner. t3rn's composable contracts registry and the execution system will be made available and integrated within the Composable Finance in order to facilitate cross-chain reversible executions. This integration will allow users to efficiently execute cross-chain transferrals, while guaranteeing that the execution can be carried out in a fail-safe manner. Decentralised and interoperable arbitrage protocols, liquidity pools and yield farms are all examples of services that will stand to benefit from this integration.

Furthermore, projects launched on Composable Finance will also be integrated into t3rn’s composable smart contracts systems which will spark and grow an ecosystem of projects on t3rn.

Both Composable Finance and t3rn are dedicated to simplifying DeFi processes through the creation of user-friendly ecosystems and this ambitious partnership is a significant step in that direction. An in depth analysis of the Composable Finance integration and use case will be written once the integration is complete.

More to come

This is a partnership that the whole team at t3rn are very proud of but it is just the beginning of integrations of the t3rn protocol.

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