Meet the t3rn Team

Jacob Kowalewski
February 19, 2021

The core team behind t3rn have been working in the blockchain space since 2016 and offer a fine balance between development, marketing and strategy. 

We are building a product around what we perceive to be the core principles of blockchain technology, as well as the shortcomings that we can see in this incredible technology today. 

But this is only the beginning, t3rn is hiring!

Maciej Baj

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Maciej has been in blockchain technology since 2016, repeatedly demonstrating his ability to lead complex projects, manage and inspire teams and understand market trends.

Maciej was the first developer hired at Lisk, working on Lisk Core before stepping up as Project Lead for Lisk Core and eventually becoming Head of Development for the Lisk Platform, overseeing the development of both Lisk Core and the Lisk SDK. Prior to Lisk, Maciej was a software engineer at Nokia. 

Maciej also boasts a strong academic background completing a Masters Degree in Computer Science, his final thesis covering machine learning and computer-based stylometric analysis of texts.

Jacob Kowalewski

Chief Strategy Officer

Jacob specialises in developing meaningful project values, shaping them into tangible strategies and executing them as effective marketing campaigns. 

Jacob was amongst the first hires in the Lisk marketing department where he developed and led a comprehensive marketing strategy built around education, creating the Lisk Academy. He managed the project for two years before becoming the first member of the Lisk Business Development team. Jacob has spoken at multiple conference around the subject of education in blockchain and his opinions have been featured in media, educational books and national news. 

Before Lisk Jacob worked on award-winning renewable energy projects, as well as VC fund raising in the startup travel space.

Nick Gregory 

Technical Advisor

Nick Gregory’s expertise on developing robust blockchain systems is unparalleled in the industry and his guidance in developing t3rn has been pivotal.

Nicholas is a blockchain entrepreneur and soft engineer who has been involved with Bitcoin since 2012. Initially providing start-up support, Nicholas co-authored BIP175 of the Bitcoin specification and has been instrumental in designing Bitcoin protocols such as MainStay, as well as multiple other Layer 2 Solutions.

He has also held leadership positions in multiple Wall Street Investment banks. Nicholas developed systems and programmes for a variety of companies and industries throughout his career, including Verizon, Capgemini, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He delivered the first Swiss regulated gold-backed token for DGLD and has provided enterprise Bitcoin integration on cloud storage systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Today, Nicholas is CEO of CommerceBlock and has been quoted in many major publications regarding cryptocurrencies and advisory work for government trade bodies.

Andrew Horbury

Regulatory Advisor

Ensuring the security, stability and longevity of any blockchain project goes far beyond code. With awareness around the industry growing at breakneck speed, regulatory scrutiny is guaranteed to only get more intense, Andrew has been pivotal in guiding every step t3rn has taken to not only align with current regulatory requirements, but to also ensure there are no missteps in the future, as regulations evolve.

Andrew Horbury FICA is a leading regulatory and compliance consultant in the blockchain and digital asset space. A fellow of the International Compliance Association, Andrew has consulted for leading financial institutions around the world, including law firms, accountancy practices, trust companies and top tier banks on both traditional and blockchain related compliance and regulatory matters.

Andrew is a partner of venture capital firm Net Zero Capital having originally entered the digital asset space professionally with the launch of a digital asset management firm after working for leading financial institutions such as Blackrock and UBS.

t3rn is hiring

Our prerogative at t3rn is to build a small, lean team of individuals who are highly passionate about blockchain technology but, equally, well aware of some of the technology's shortcomings and are not scared to do what it takes to shape this incredible technology for the better. 

If this sounds like you please check our latest openings

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